Secret of the Hose


    Secret of the Hose is a free top-down water fighting game with 2-4 player splitscreen, plus up to 16 players with online play support. Other features include various multiplayer characters, and many different secrets hidden within the levels. Play in arenas such as a school, a casino, a cave, and more! This game also includes a replay mode so you can record your matches.

    Enjoy tagging out your best friends with a 99-Cent Water Pistol, a Dual-Fire Water Rifle, a Water Balloon Launcher, or just letting them step on your Water Mines. Compete in various multiplayer modes including Splashfest, Team Splashfest, Runner, Capture the Flag, Hothead, Tag, Freeze Tag, Cops and Robbers, Tag Match, and Team Tag Match! The excitment of the soundtrack, consisting of 12 songs, will keep you going. With all these gamemodes and all this action-packed music, what else do you need to keep this game exciting for hours and hours of fun? Oh, did I mention that it's bundled with a level editor for creating your own custom levels to play with friends? Well what are you waiting for? Call your hydrophobic friends and show them how the true master plays!

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