Live Studio Sessions


    A rhythm game inspired by Frets On Fire. Your objective is to play the songs as accurately as possible to produce records.

    Pleasing your producer will earn you big points and put you on your way to making multi-platinum albums.

    This demo showcases the core gameplay and allows you to compete in the online leaderboards for the top scores.

    Current features:

    • Single Player Guitar and Bass
    • Extensive Online Leaderboards
    • 60 Frames Per Second
    • Low System Requirements
    • Open Source
    • Works with Your Existing FoF/Phase Shift Song library
    • Library Search

    Planned features include:
    • Support for Keyboard and Drums
    • Unique Career Mode
    • Support for Themes
    • Multi-Player
    • Download Charts from within the Game
    • Import Charts for Songs from Your Personal Music Library Automatically
    • Multiple Library Views


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