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T³ Software was formed around 1995 when Terry, Todd, and Travis Cope started finding ways to create video games. Before T� was formed we were all really into games and were interested in making our own.

Our first taste of being game developers came through an obscure product called "Game-Maker" by Recreational Software Design. This product was a full game creation suite which allowed its users to create games similar to those found on the SNES. While using this software to create some of our first games, we took on the name T³ Software. During this phase of our existence each of us would work on our own games. Terry's games were the most ambitious, being modeled after some of the more advanced PC games, while Todd and Travis worked on simpler console-style games.
"Game-Maker" had some severe limitations which eventually led Todd to learn how to program. We had Borland Turbo C++ and had toyed with it a little but never made anything beyond some simple text games. Terry ordered the book "PC Game Programming Explorer" by Dave Roberts which promised to allow us to make the games we really wanted to make.

Todd studied the book but couldn't actually use what he learned from the book due to lacking a C compiler. It wasn't until later on when he was doing an interactive C++ tutorial that he learned that C++ was a superset of C. This was exciting because now he knew he could actually use the book to begin working on real programs with VGA graphics!

Todd and Travis worked together on some of the early DOS games. Timmy Cope developed a utility for us which, looking back, was quite an impressive piece of software that shows that he was a very competent programmer. He was never involved in any of the game development but we used his utility for all of our early DOS games.

As we each started going away to college T³ Software dissipated. Todd created a few games under NewCreature Design in his college and post-college years (1999-2005). Travis would go on to learn programming himself and kept T³ Software alive by making some games and other content. Terry worked with Todd on some projects in the early 2000s.
Present Times
In 2005 Todd began working with Travis on one of his games and soon after the decision was made that Todd would return to T³ Software and all of NewCreature Design's products were transferred to T³ Software. Grady O'Connell became a member of T³ Software about this time as well. Grady had worked with Todd on a game under NewCreature Design.
Project History
A comprehensive project history is available for download below. This document provides details about most projects we've worked on over the years.

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